In essence it may state that this is the only

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Your edge is when you are able to establish a

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He was released without bail

Loaded firearms found with intoxicated man

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JACKSON TWP. Township police arrested a Dallas man they say was intoxicated inside a truck that contained firearms, ammunition and beer on Tuesday.

Police said they found three loaded handguns and an unloaded handgun inside a Dodge truck occupied by Donald Joseph Scavone, 25, of Meeker Outlet Road.

Scavone does not have a conceal weapons permit to possess the handguns, police said.

Scavone was arraigned Wednesday in Luzerne County Central Court on three counts of firearms not to be carried without a permit and two counts of driving under the influence. He was released without bail.

Scavone was found slumped over the steering wheel and had trouble waking up.

When Scavone exited the vehicle, police noticed an open can of beer in the center cup holder.

Police said Scavone reeked of an alcoholic beverage and had to lean against the truck to maintain his balance, the complaint says.

Scavone allegedly told police he consumed two beers.

## ## Full and empty beer cans were found inside the truck, police said.

Police searched the truck allegedly finding two loaded handguns under the driver seat, an unloaded handgun under the passenger seat and a loaded handgun inside the center console. Ammunition was also found under the passenger seat.

Scavone told police he was searching for his girlfriend at several taverns and was on his way to a friend house, the complaint says.

Police said in the complaint a breath test showed Scavone had an alcohol level of 0.163%.

TRUCKSVILLE Fire And Ice was only closed for 10 days as its new owner, Rob Friedman, renovated it, but those 10 days were enough to drastically rejuvenate the venue already good looks.

The bar and restaurant has been a Back Mountain staple for years, but now it been added to Friedman growing repertoire of hospitality properties. On Friday night, the restaurateur officially held a ribbon cutting to celebrate its grand re opening.

place has such a rich history, Friedman said to those gathered in attendance, over sized scissors in hand before the ribbon cutting. we hope to make it better. to Friedman, some of the improvements that are being brought to Fire And Ice include a brand new menu, intricate stained glass windows, a new bar area and even a new happy hour.

Friedman said he employed a small team of local contractors who he said did work in the 10 days the restaurant was closed in order to wrap the renovations up as quickly as possible.

And while Friedman said it was important to freshen up the space, it was also important to keep it original.

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## ## Leicester City flop makes transfer admission

Leicester City transfer news: Winger Rachid Ghezzal has been speaking of his regret at leaving former side Olympique Lyon in 2017, when he moved to Ligue 1 outfit AS MonacoThe King Power Stadium hosted the final Premier League fixture before the shutdown (Image: Michael Regan/Getty Images)Sign up to FREE email alerts from LeicestershireLive Weekday Leicester City FCSubscribeWhen you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. OurPrivacy Noticeexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeLeicester City flop Rachid Ghezzal has told of his regret at leaving Olympique Lyon.The winger signed for AS Monaco from OL in 2017 and he made his move to City a year later after one season at the principality side.Ghezzal, who is on loan at Fiorentina after a disappointing first season at the King Power Stadium, came through the ranks at Lyon and made 119 appearances in all competitions for the club.The Algerian international was in fine form when he finished the 2015 16 campaign with eight goals and the same amount of assists in the French top tier, but the following season only brought two goals and four assists in the League.Ghezzal was allowed to leave the club on a free transfer in 2017 and put pen to paper with Monaco and made the move to City a year later.Leicester City daily newsletter. Free. To your inboxThere a quick and easy way to stay on top of all the Leicester City news with our daily newsletter.Delivered straight into your email inbox each day, the bulletins will feature the latest Foxes news, views, gossip and opinion.All you have to do is punch your email in at the top of the article it looks just like this.And what more, it absolutely free!You can also get all the latest updates by following us on social media here Facebook and Twitter.We also have a free app which you can download. It is always up to date with the latest Leicester City news.Download the Android app on Google PlayDownload the App from the Apple StoreMaking just 23 appearances last season and with only 19 minutes under his belt for current boss Brendan Rodgers, his City future looks bleak.The Lyon situation clearly still rankles with Ghezzal, who told website Africa Top s, via Witness: “My wish was to continue the adventure with OL.

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